Does SierraPapa guarantee parts and service?

Yes. All our products and work are covered by a liberal warranty. We've earned our reputation through dedication to quality in parts and service. Please always contact us immediately if you feel you have any cause for dissatisfaction with the work we do for you, and we'll find a way to make things right.

Why does Brownells list your products as "discontinued"?

In April 2013 we decided to end our distributor relationship with Brownells and sell exclusively through our own website. We appreciated Brownells' support and found them to be a courteous and ethical business partner, but felt the decision to go it alone made more sense for us. 

Who exactly are you guys?

At SierraPapa we are enthusiastic Beretta CX4 owners. But our initial pleasure in the use of this carbine was reduced by the obviously penny-pinching construction of some of the interior components. We also suspected that these low-budget components were adversely affecting the overall performance of the firearm. Upon visiting internet forums to learn more about the CX4, we noticed that we were not the only people disappointed with some aspects of the CX4. We decided to attempt to provide solutions to resolve some of the common complaints.

Our company has considerable experience in the fields of metal machining, plastics molding and general mechanical fabrication. We felt confident that we could apply this experience to upgrading vital CX4 components. We're pleased to say that over the last several years we've established a reputation for quality parts, design, and customer service, and we thank the customers and CX4 community who have given us the opportunity to earn that reputation.

Brian Montgomery is the owner of SierraPapa Inc. and its sister company SPTargets, and is the designer of the CX4 upgrade parts. His Administrative Manager Carrie Robinson assists in the management of both companies. 


There's a joke in here somewhere...

There's a joke in here somewhere...

How do I place my order with you?

Please use this web form to tell us what you'd like to order and to ask any questions you have about the parts and ordering process. If you'd like to buy the Hammer/Trigger/Spring kit, please send your housing to us and include a note with your contact information telling us what you'd like done and what method of payment you'd like to use. We can accept credit cards, personal checks, and money orders. Please be aware that a 3% processing fee must be added to credit card transactions.

What is your mailing address?

Please ship packages to:

SierraPapa Inc.

18525 NW St. Helens Rd.

Portland, OR 97231

How will I pay for my work?

If you are having work done in our shop, including Hammer/Trigger/Spring kit installation, Mag Conversion, Flat Top Conversion, and gunsmithing work, you may include payment in your package or we will contact you upon completion of the work and arrange payment. If you are ordering parts to be shipped to you by mail, we will contact you for payment before shipping. We can accept credit cards by phone, or personal checks and money orders.

Can you ship overseas?

As of August, 2015, we are in partnership for Canadian sales with AztechArmory. Please contact Marshall Witzel for assistance in placing your order for shipping to Canada. We are sorry to say that ITAR restrictions still prevent us from shipping to countries other than Canada, and we hope to find a partner who can help with overseas distribution.


Why do I have to send my trigger housing to you for hammer/trigger/spring kit installation? Is there a charge for this?

Please read the Safety and Reliability Announcement to learn more about the changes in the CX4 trigger housings that have caused us to decide to perform all Hammer/Trigger/Spring kit installations ourselves. We do not charge for installation of the kits. 

How do I remove the trigger housing from my CX4?

Please view this video. It walks you through each step of removing and replacing your housing. If you have any questions after watching it, please call us at (503) 621-3017.

Do I need a Sear Clip with my Hammer/Trigger/Spring kit? Is it better to use one even if I don't really need one?

We will only install a Sear Clip with the rest of the Hammer/Trigger/Spring kit if your housing is long enough to require it. If your housing is shorter, it is important that you DO NOT use the Sear Clip. Its use will interfere with the smooth movement of your hammer and will cause a suboptimal shooting experience.

What's the turnaround on Hammer/Trigger/Spring kit installation?

Installation of this kit takes about 7-10 business days, and return shipping by USPS Priority Mail takes about 3 business days.