We became aware in June 2013 that the trigger housing on some new CX4 rifles measures to a slightly different average spec that was the case with older rifles. This is NOT a problem with Beretta's production, it's not a flaw in these rifles, and it's not something most customers will ever notice. However, we machine our parts to a very tight tolerance, and so an additional part, the Sear Clip, may be required to get a good fit in these new CX4s. We are not able to determine without seeing your housing whether it falls in the longer or shorter category. In order to provide the safest and most reliable match of our customers' housings to our hammers, we will be performing all hammer installations in our own shop. Please see Contact us for recommendations for sending your trigger housing to us.

Even a very small discrepancy in hammer and housing fit can cause failure of the hammer to remain cocked, and could conceivably result in unintentional discharge. We invite existing customers to send their trigger housing to us for inspection. If you have our parts and know you have a recently built CX4 rifle, or if you have ever experienced your hammer failing to cock or remain cocked during cycling, or if you simply would like us to inspect your hammer/housing match, please contact us. We will inspect your housing and SierraPapa parts at no charge.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this notice.