Seconds & Stock Parts Sale 2014 is concluded

Thanks to all who purchased from us during our sale! The parts we had for sale are now gone. We will be holding a "Seconds and Stock" sale every year on July 25.

SierraPapa now has our 07 FFL

SierraPapa is now legally able to receive your CX4s and perform a variety of gunsmithing work, including our new Flat Top and Collapsible Buttstock mods. As always, we do NOT need your gun or even your lower to install our Hammer/Trigger/Spring Kit-- just send in your housing as per these instructions.


At SierraPapa we provide the aftermarket parts that make the Beretta Storm CX4 into the carbine it deserves to be. Since our aim is to "improve the breed" we only supply CX4 Storm parts and accessories of superior design and the highest manufacturing quality. We welcome suggestions from users for the improvement of our present products and any recommendations for new Beretta CX4 accessories that you may wish us to introduce.


Please read our Safety and Reliability announcement, and view this video that will guide you through the process of removing your trigger housing and shipping it to us. 

Please read our Warranty and Terms of Sale