SierraPapa Inc. is licensed to ship all of our products overseas.

However, we cannot monitor firearms regulations in every country. The responsibility is yours to ensure that possibly controversial parts such as the 16 rd. extended magazine are legal in your country.

Why are your parts more expensive for overseas customers?

We are very sorry to have to charge overseas customers more. The ITAR and ACES licenses cost us $2400/yr, and we simply can't afford to keep the licenses current without asking overseas customers to help share those costs. For this reason, the Hammer/Trigger/Spring Kit costs $200 for overseas customers, the Guide Rod Kit costs $100, and the 16 rd. Extended Magazines cost $165. We truly regret the necessity of these higher prices.

How can I send my trigger housing for you to install the Hammer/Trigger/Spring Kit?

We ask all US customers to send us their housings so that we can install the Hammer/Trigger/Spring Kit and judge whether the Sear Clip is required or not. We know this may not be practical for overseas customers, and so we make an exception to our usual policy and will send our Hammer/Trigger/Spring Kits to you. We strongly recommend that you have a professional gunsmith install your kit, and will happily accept calls from the gunsmith to advise him or her on installation. Please share this Safety and Reliability information with your gunsmith.

If you would like to send your housing to us, please send it to:

SierraPapa Inc.

18525 NW St. Helens Rd.

Portland, OR USA

Who pays Customs charges on overseas shipments?

Our parts are legally exempt from tariff charges. The prices we quote to you only cover the cost of our parts and shipping. Any additional charges are the customer's responsibility.

Will I receive a tracking number?

You WILL receive a tracking number if you choose Priority Mail International or Express Mail International service. You will NOT receive a tracking number if you choose First Class Mail. We cannot control international shipments once they leave our hands, and therefore we cannot undertake responsibility for missing packages. Please be aware that YOU must accept the risk of missing or delayed shipments. SierraPapa will not replace or refund missing or delayed parts. Insurance can be purchased on some shipments at an additional cost; please ask us if you would like to add insurance on your shipment.