The guide rod upgrade makes a significant and critical contribution to the reliability of your CX4. A broken guide rod means no operation, nothing, not even a single shot rifle.

So, what do we need to upgrade your guide rod? Simply your original guide rod assembly. Actually all we REALLY need is the guide rod spring itself but unless you enjoy fighting strong oily springs and awkward fittings it is easier just to send us the whole assembly. Remove the original guide rod group by first removing the thin metal, horseshoe shaped, clip on top of the bolt then lift out the guide rod complete with buffer. We do not need any other part of the actual bolt assembly.

Replacement of the upgraded guide rod should be fairly simple if you make a note or take a photo of what you are doing when you initially remove the original guide rod. If a problem does occur on reassembly it is usually because of mixing up the extractor and ejection parts.

So, simply send us your original guide rod assembly and we will return an upgraded item complete with new style buffer and your original parts in a plastic baggy.

When you have your upgraded guide rod you should never need to disassemble the unit again (although we do supply a suitable Allen wrench) . You can clean the assembly by using a spray cleaner or by brushing with solvent and then re-lubricate by dripping oil through the spring coils at a couple of points along the length of the rod.

The buffer on the upgraded guide is a push fit only. It is trapped in position in the last 1/4 inch of movement as you push the upper and lower together and the buffer cannot possible come free during use of the gun. And, Yes, we made the buffer correctly. It does not need to have any more holes drilled through it to make it look like the factory part. (Guilty parties please note. )

It is still a good idea to cock the hammer of your CX4 when you remove or replace the upper and the lower. Our steel guide rod will not be damaged if you forget to cock the hammer, the buffer will simply pull off from the guide rod, but the oily and dirty buffer will then fall from the gun, land on your wife's new white carpet leaving an oily mark and then you will be in more trouble than the BATFE could cause you!