SierraPapa carries a 07 FFL and can receive your CX4 for general gunsmithing services, to perform the Flat Top Conversion, the Collapsible Buttstock Conversion, or to install the Hammer/Trigger/Spring Kit or Guide Rod Kit. Please follow the steps below to send your CX4 to us. Please contact us at (503) 621-3017 or if you would like a copy of our FFL.


Render your firearm inoperable, for example by removing the bolt or firing pin. (These can be shipped to us in the same package, just not in the firearm.) See that any ammunition is cleared from the firearm, and do not include any ammunition in the package.

We recommend that you ship to us by USPS, with FedEx as the second choice. In our experience they provide better service in our area than UPS. Unless otherwise requested, we will return ship to you by USPS; the predicted shipping costs given here apply only to USPS service.

TO SHIP US YOUR TRIGGER HOUSING, please use a small, flat-rate, Priority Mail box. These are available free at your local post office, and cost $7.20 to ship to us. Tracking and $50 insurance is included in this cost.

TO SHIP US YOUR ENTIRE RIFLE (or just your upper or lower),  you may ship in a box containing your CX4 in its original hard plastic case, or you may ship the rifle broken into the upper and lower and packed in a smaller and more economical (though less protective) box. The most economical option we're aware of is a large, flat-rate Priority Mail box of the type used for board games. These are available free at your post office. This box is 24" long and will hold the CX4 upper and lower. The box is free, and shipping costs $18.90 and includes tracking and $50 insurance. You MUST disclose to the carrier that your shipment contains a firearm. Include a photocopy of the front and back of your driver's license in the box, as well as a note with your name, contact information, and the address to which we should return the firearm. Make sure that the package is not marked with any indication of the contents. 

More insurance and services including Signature Confirmation and Hold for Pick Up may be added for an additional fee. Please note that Signature Confirmation may delay receipt of your package if it is held at the post office. Priority Mail will take approximately 1-3 business days to reach us.


In most cases, including Flat Top and Collapsible Buttstock Conversions, we can return your CX4 or numbered part thereof directly to you. We prefer to use USPS Two-Day Priority or First Class Mail to ship back to you, and we will include the fee for the amount of insurance you request in the cost of shipping. Please let us know if you would like us to add Signature Confirmation.


SierraPapa cannot be responsible for lost or damaged shipments, either arriving to us or on their return journey to you. USPS Priority Mail shipments automatically include $50 insurance. If you want to insure your shipment for its full value you must choose to do this and undertake the additional costs. Please let us know that you would like to insure your package, and we will help you calculate the cost. 


SierraPapa has a type 007 FFL and can legally receive your firearms and return it to you personally by mail. It is not necessary to ship to us via another FFL holder. Please contact us if you would like a copy of our FFL.

The registered portion of the Beretta CX4 is the upper. The lower and trigger housing are not subject to any legal restrictions.

If you ship us your rifle, you must disclose to your shipper that your package contains a firearm. The firearm must be rendered inoperable, for example by the removal of the bolt or firing pin. CLEAR THE FIREARM AND DO NOT INCLUDE AMMUNITION IN THE PACKAGE. Nothing on the exterior of the package indicating its contents.