Stock CX4 trigger group

Stock CX4 trigger group

1. There is nothing seriously wrong with the THEORETICAL DESIGN of the Beretta trigger mechanism on the CX4. It will probably not meet with the approval of target shooters or long-range hunters but it is reliable and adequate for a combat carbine. 

2. Although the basic design of the trigger mechanism is adequate there are some serious problems with the IMPLEMENTATION of the design. These problems are caused by attempting to save too much on the cost of the parts. 

3. Having chosen to focus on low cost production the manufacturing techniques originally used make it difficult to replace the original trigger group parts. These parts were designed to be made in plastic, or with stamped and bent sheet metal, their design does not translate easily to conventional machining methods. For example, the hammer has two projections at the pivot pin where the hammer spring locates. Molding these projections in plastic is an easy task. To make the same projections on a steel part requires carving the hammer from a solid block of steel. This process means extra machine work and extra scrap metal both of which complicate the production process and increase the cost of the finished hammer. 

4. It is desirable to make replacement parts so that they can be installed one-at-a-time as required by the user. This means each part has to be functionally the same as the original part. This prevents a total redesign of the trigger group components. 

5. The good news is that a considerable improvement to the original trigger action can be achieved by simply replacing the original parts with new items made with more appropriate materials using precision manufacturing techniques. That is the course we have chosen. 

We have spent many hours with diagrams, CAD drawings and sample parts studying the interaction of the CX4 trigger group components. We have identified some problem areas, most of which are already well known to CX4 owners. We will be producing improved parts to resolve these problems (as best we can within the limitations of the basic design) to produce the best trigger action we can provide.