The Magazine Extension Kit is very easy to assemble and install. These instructions assume that you have a modified 8045 magazine and a SierraPapa Magazine Extension Kit. If you have an 8045 magazine but it has NOT been modified, it is possible for you to perform this modification at home, but we recommend you send us your mag so that we can perform the mod with our CNC milling machine. 

The Magazine Extension Kit consists of a black-anodized aluminum extension body, which will arrive to you assembled with the rear plate and base plate. Inside the body you will find a machined nylon spring connector. In a separate package, you will find two custom-made springs that will replace your stock mag spring. IMPORTANT: To utilize our Magazine Extension Kit, you must retain and assemble certain parts of your stock magazine! These are the follower, and the metal tab at the bottom of the magazine spring. We recommend you carefully retain all the other parts of your stock magazine so that you can revert to 8 rds. if needed. 

1) Lay out all the parts needed for assembly.